Justin Bieber manages to piss off Argentina, but for once, it's not his fault

Justin Bieber is once again pissing people off. His latest controversial move? The 19-year-old was recently caught on tape kicking two Argentinean flags off the stage during a concert on Saturday night--and now, he's facing some serious heat from some of fans!


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It all started when a fan video of Bieber sweeping the national flags off stage went viral and drew tons of backlash from his Argentinean Beliebers. As can be heard in the clip, some of the audience members (including the ones taking the video) literally gasp in shock as they watch the pop star use a microphone and his shoe to move the items away.

People became so offended that Bieber decided to address the incident on Twitter yesterday, writing:

Heard about what is going on with me down in Argentina and I'm shocked. I love Argentina and have had some of the best shows of my tour there. People throw stuff on my stage all show and I get it to the stage hands to get off so no one got hurt. That video I saw a bra and thought it was a shirt. I'm being told by my team it was a shirt but even if it was a flag, I would never do anything to disrespect Argentina or the people of Argentina or the fans. I'm so sorry for anyone who took my actions the wrong way and I hope you can forgive this mistake.

He went on to say he hopes the people of Argentina can accept and apology and that he looks forward to coming back, even later adding, "Te amo."  Oh, Biebs. Is it just me or is this kid constantly going from one sticky situation to the next?

To be honest (and I can't believe I'm saying this), but I'm on Bieber's side on this one. I think people are blowing this whole thing WAY out of proportion. I get that defaming any nation's flag is disrespectful, but maybe people should've thought of that before throwing it on to the stage. I mean, he's in the middle of the show ... what else was he supposed to do with it? Wait until he or one of his dancers tripped and fell over it? Then he would've been getting backlash for not moving it off stage! Not to mention, it is kind of hard to tell that it's a flag from just a cursory glance.

Don't get me wrong--I'm not defending all of Bieber's antics. I will be the first to say he has done a lot of stupid stuff lately. Like a lot of stupid stuff. But at this point, it seems like people are picking on him just because they can and not because he actually did something wrong. And all that outrage would be better spent on other causes, don't you think?

Watch the incident go down here:

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