Miss Universe 2013: 7 Things you didn't know about Miss Venezuela Gabriela Isler

And the new Miss Universe 2013 is … Miss Venezuela, Gabriela Isler! Yes, another Latina winner! Yay! The Venezuelan beauty was crowned Miss Universe 2013 on Saturday night at Moscow's Crocus City Hall. Gabriela isn't just beautiful, but she has some brains on her too. The 25-year-old who was born and raised in Maracay, Venezuela actually works as a television presenter on Venezuela's Venevisión TV network, which should come quite handy now with her new year-long stint. But that's not the only interesting thing about her!


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Gabriela looked absolutely stunning as she was crowned Miss Universe 2013. She beat 85 other gorgeous contestants to take home the title. "I can't describe all the things that I feel at this moment because I'm shaking," she told reporters. "I'm still in shock. I feel so blessed, so happy to be here." She was crowned wearing this breathtaking long-sleeve silver evening gown that sort of reminded me of Jennifer Lopez's sheer Zuhair Murad dress from the 2012 Oscar Awards. Smart choice, right? I told you this venezolana was a smart cookie. Here are seven other things you probably didn't know about her!

Gabriela isn't her first name: There's been a lot confusion about  Miss Universe 2013's name, and that's because her full name is actually Maria Gabriela Isler. But her friends and fam like to call her Molly.

She went to business school: Gabriela holds a bacherlor's degree in business and applied it towards her job at Venevisión TV Network where she works as a television host. I'm sure those skills will still be put to good use with her new Miss Universe gig.

She's super close to her mom: The Venezuelan beauty claims her mom is her biggest role model, "because despite the diversity she and her family faced growing up, her mother stayed strong and tougher her that there was always a way to make ends meet."

She can dance: During the talent portion of the Miss Universe competition, Gabriela proved to the audience that she can move, dancing the traditional Spanish dance, Flamenco. How cool is that?

She has important friends: The 25-year-old beauty actually received a shout-out from Venezuela's president Nicolás Maduro. He tweeted his congratulations and called her victory a "triumph."

She's good at wrapping gifts: Need some help wrapping your holiday gifts? Gabriela is your girl! Apparently she had a job wrapping gifts when she was younger and was pretty darn good at it!

She likes herself some bling: Gabriela posed in a custom-made swimsuit covered in $1 million worth of jewels on her first day as Miss Universe. "That swimsuit travels with an armed security guard 24/7," said Miss Universe co-host Thomas Roberts. Wow!

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