The Walking Dead: "Internment" almost kills everyone & The GOVERNOR is back!

Things are getting dire in the prison for Rick's troupe of fearless survivors. Like seriously dark and horrible. People are literally dropping like flies, and even though the group needs every single living body they can possibly use, they've already lost three more folks to the terrible virus by the time Rick returns. Plus, Carol is no longer with the group even though she was arguably one of the most useful members of the crew.

Even Herschel is forced to make his first kill, for the love of God! Like he tells Rick, "Life is always a test." But right now, our favorite group of apocalyptic zombie survivors does NOT seem to be winning. People are just dying too darn fast...


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Once Sasha goes down, it becomes very clear, very fast that the semblance of control Herschel had over the virus was all an illusion. Then, the unthinkable happens. Glen starts puking blood and literally the entire infected cell block becomes a shit show. Multiple folks turn at the same time and Herschel is almost bitten! People are shot in the panic who haven't even turned yet and just when you think it can not possibly get any worse, it does.

How? Well, because the walkers manage to knock the fence down and breach the parameters of the prison. And it's not one or two walkers but a whole freaking SLEW of them, like hundreds of freaking walkers. So many, in fact that Rick not only gives Carl a gun, but he gives him a semiautomatic rifle and teachers him how to use it in 5 seconds. They manage to kill what looks like all of the walkers who had formed the crew at the prison, but it goes without saying that whoever was feeding the zombies in the season premiere definitely caused a problem that almost took down the entire group.

Meanwhile, Glen's situation has gone from bad to worse and he's choking on his own blood. They manage to intubate him and it seems like he might survive, at least for a few more hours at least but things are NOT looking good for the prison crew right now. Then, lo and behold, Darryl, Michonne and their team of misfits come back from their medicine run with the antibiotics Hershel's been waiting for. It looks like there MIGHT be a light at the end of the tunnel for the crew fighting the virus after all. But one thing is for certain, Hershel is never going to be the same man.

Oh, and about the same man...The Governor is BAAAAAAACCCKKKKK!


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