Jennifer Lopez has her own Barbie doll & it's super fabulous just like her! (VIDEO)

For all you JLovers out there, Mattel has recently come out with the new Jennifer Lopez Barbie doll! The collection comes complete with two Barbies each created in the diva's likeness--a world tour one AND a red carpet one. 

The first doll comes dressed in a sequin encrusted Zuhair Murad bodysuit from her Dance Again World Tour and the other in a sultry sheer dress, also designed by Zuhair Murad, that recreates Jennifer's look from the 2012 Academy Awards. It's crazy how much these dolls actually resemble J.Lo. I'm telling you they look just like her--curves and all! Seriously, how cute is this?


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The J.Lo dolls were both designed by Barbie Collector's director of design Robert Best and are available for just $29.95 on They are meant to represent two different versions of Jennifer: Her stage side and her glamorous red carpet side. Considering all the enterprises the Puerto Rican star already has under her belt, it only makes sense she'd have her own Barbie too.

"I wanted to live in Barbie's world. I wanted to be Barbie," Jennifer said in an interview with ET News. "It really does make sense why I was so in love with it. I kind of turned my own life into Barbie's life."

It's about damn time they come out with a Barbie replicating a Latina icon! Kind of makes me wish they had something like this when I was growing up. People really underestimate how important it is for little girls to see dolls that look and represent themselves, and the Jennifer Lopez Barbie definitely does that for Latinas. And the best part is, these dolls are just as fab as La Lopez herself!

Images via Mattel/Getty

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