Charlie Sheen's sons sound like little psychopaths in the making

Denise Richards stepped up to care for Charlie Sheen's twins Bob and Max earlier this year because Sheen and the boys' mother, Brooke Mueller, are ever evolving disasters, each in their own right. The twins are 4 years old and apparently acting out repeatedly and sometimes very violently. I can't really blame them after all they've been through, but as reported by TMZ, Denise has let L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services know that she will no longer be caring for the twins. I can't blame her either. The twins have allegedly acted out against Richards' three daughters as well as her dogs.


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Denise started caring for the boys when Brooke went into rehab for the 21st time. She's been good to those boys and has always been there for them when they needed her. Apparently, after the boys visit Brooke they come back to Denise's a mess. They torture the dogs and their sisters and say that they even want to kill the dogs.

Obviously, these boys need help. Some kind of therapy seems to be in order, but supposedly Brooke has blocked Denise from being able to get the boys help in that way.

I can't blame Denise for deciding that she can no longer care for the twins because she has to look out for the safety of her own girls. The boys have reportedly hit, bit, choked, and even thrown their own poop at the girls. These are not your average 4-year-old behavioral problems.

I'm sorry for the boys because they really need some stability in their lives and it seems that Denise has been the most stable person in their lives thus far. I hope they get the help and care that they need.

As for Charile? He's still a mess and certainly cannot be put in charge of those boys.

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