Are Shakira & Gerard Pique splitting? NOOOOOOOOO!

Have Shakira and longtime boyfriend Gerard Piqué split up?! As much as I hate the possibility, rumor has it that the two have separated and are now even living in totally different cities!

According to Spanish-language publication TVyNovelas, Shakira and Piqué split just a little over a month ago and the Colombian singer has reportedly left the Barcelona home they shared with son, Milan, to move to France!  NOOO, say it ain't so!


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Adding to all of the speculation? Tweets that Shakira has recently shared with her followers, the latest of which included a photo of a French street alongside the caption, "Spending today in a plaza in the South of France after an afternoon of work."

But if this is true, the couple won't let the split interfere with their parenting. Though there's no word on whether the alleged separation is meant to be permanent or not, the report goes on to claim that two are still seeing each other and maintaining an amicable relationship for the sake of Milan.

To be honest, I have a hard time believing this story. Yes, partly because they are one of my all-time favorite celebrity couples EVER and I never want to see them split up. But also because these rumors always seem to be swirling about one famous relationship or another, no matter how happy the two people in question actually are!  So until the gossip is proven to be accurate, I think it's better to just take it with a grain of salt ... especially since Shakira recently told Aló magazine that she and Piqué want to have more kids.

Still, on the-off chance this is true (and I would be shocked and more than a little heartbroken if it was. They're just such a cute family!) I hope they do as the report claims and stay friendly co-parents to beautiful, little Milan!

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