YouTube Music Awards: Here's who SHOULD have won

The YouTube Music Awards took place yesterday and apparently they were everything but boring. With a strange live format that had never before been attempted on the internet, they were nothing like the stuffy awards shows we see on TV. The awards highlighted the best musical videos of the year.

The winners, as opposed to awards like the Grammys or the MTV Video Music Awards, were based solely on votes from users and Internet fans. It what can only be described as live chaos, artists like Eminem, Lady Gaga,  Arcade Fire and Avicii, performed.


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The event was live streamed around the world and the awards were all based on live voting while people watched the awards. For better or worse, chaos ruled the night, and although many people voiced their dislike for the event, I think that was the goal: To do something completely different from what it is on television, something created by the users.

In the end, the winner of Artist of the Year was Eminem, while the YouTube Breakthrough went to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. The Response of the Year went to Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix for "Radioactive;" and Innovation of the Year went to DeStorm for "See Me Standing;" Phenomenon of the Year was "I Knew You Were Trouble" by Walk Off the Earth; and Video of the Year was "I Got a Boy" by Girls' Generation. We have no idea who some of those are either!

Which got us thinking: YouTube forgot us Latinos! So we compiled our own list of videos that should have won--or at the very least be nominated!

See it below:

Jenni Rivera: "Basta ya Ft. Marco Antonio Solis" as Artist of the Year

Prince Royce: "Darte un beso" as Song of the Year

Romeo Santos: "Propuesta indecente" as Video of the Year

Enrique Iglesias featuring Romeo Santos: "Loco" as Most Handsome Artists

Alejandro Fernández and Christina Aguilera: "Hoy tengo ganas de ti" for Best Duet

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