The Walking Dead: Everything changes in "Indifference"

Daryl and Michonne sort of made a connection that I'm so hoping will become romantic, Carol finally had to face the consequences of her decision to kill the first sick prisoners, and the new dude REALLY wants a drink! In other words, The Walking Dead was jam-packed tonight.

I have to admit that even though it sends my blood pressure through the roof, I really love it when the gang is forced out of the confines of the prison--and even that former safe haven seems to be crumbling at a remarkable speed.


First up are Rick and Carol, who were faced with dwindling supplies and a really awkward tension since he's the only one who know that she murdered Karen and David. They have to head out on a run to try to find any kind of medicine they can as well as food supplies and water. Things at the prison are looking pretty dire. Everyone is still sick and getting sicker, and no one has any idea how long Darryl and co. are going to take with the antibiotics.

So, Rick and Carol get to spend some QT talking about her motives behind the killings and how she has changed so much since she was cowering under her husband's abusive rule. Rick seems to contemplate forgiveness, but what she does when they're out on the run is the last straw. They come across a bumbling young couple--who honestly had me comtemplating how on earth they managed to survive this long-- desperate to find other people who are actually alive.

Rick seems to deem them acceptable but before he can tell them to sit tight and wait for them to finish sweeping the neighborhood, Carol jumps in and suggests that they help out (even though, as I mentioned previously, they were obviously clueless). When Rick mentions that she may have sent them to their death, Carol's all, "If they're strong, they'll make it back to us." Seriously cold-hearted, right? 

Meanwhile, Daryl and Michonne are also getting some QT in, while Tyreese sorta kinda seems to be suicidal and the new guy, who's name I finally figured out is Bob, still seems shady to me. Turns out Bob is an alcoholic, whish we knew already when he smashed the bottle down in the Big Lot store and brought the zombie rain down upon everyone on their last run. Seriously, why do they keep inviting this guy?

Anyways, Daryl is all tough-guy supportive until they finally get to the Vet clinic, because this is when Bob REALLY screws up. They find tons of meds, but are totally cornered by hordes of zombies who clearly died from the infection because they're all bleeding from their eyes and noses. Bob notes that they need to keep make sure they don't get any infected blood on themselves (the one useful thing he's done like, ever) then proceeds to almost bring down the crew because he jumps out a window and nearly loses his bag which he refuses to give up because (DING!) he horded a bottle of hooch. Daryl is beyond pissed, but when he goes to chuck the booze Bob has the cojones to reach for his pistol, which seriously sends Daryl into a more furious fury until he focuses and realizes they all need to escape the zombie horde before anyone's ass can get kicked.

Speaking of ass-kicking, back at the suburban 'hood Rick and Carol are trolling, the innocent couple they came across managed to get eaten by zombies on the mission they were sent off and Rick realizes that Carol has lost some of her humanity. Knowing that he can't bring he back to the prison and lie to Tyreese about who killed Karen, he decides to exhile her, and she agrees surprisingly easily. 

I was SHOCKED to see Carol go, I have to admit. She's one of the core group members so I'm pretty sure this isn't the last we're going to see of her, but it was pretty intense to see Rick tell her that she wasn't welcome back at the prison. In a weird way, he's saving her life actually, because once it got out that she was the murderer, Tyreese would have most definitely taken care of business.

A ton happened this week, but we didn't really get to see how the illness is progressing at the prison. My guess is that a lot of people are going to die! But I really hope Glen isn't one of them...


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