Jessica Alba caught making out with a guy who's not her hubby!

Was Jessica Alba just caught making out with someone other than her hubby, Cash Warren? The answer is ... yes! As can be seen in this photo, Alba was recently spotted kissing 60-year-old actor Pierce Brosnan, who is ALSO married. So what exactly is going on between these two?


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Don't worry, her marriage isn't actually on the rocks. The steamy embrace was all for a scene in their upcoming movie How to Make Love Like an Englishman. Getting to make out with Piece Brosnan? Not a bad day at work, if you ask me!

And it looks like Brosnan had no qualms about kissing Alba either. The co-stars clearly didn't have any trouble faking a passionate make-out, with Alba throwing her arms around his neck and Brosnan lifting her in the air.

But Alba isn't the handsome actor's only love interest in this movie. The flick, which stars Brosnan as a university professor who gets a much younger grad student (Alba) pregnant, also features another of my favorite stars--Salma Hayek! According to Us Weekly, Hayek plays the character of Alba's older stepsister, who helps the professor reevaluate his life. Hmm ... I smell a juicy love triangle!

I actually hadn't heard much about this movie until now, but I definitely think it sounds like a must-see. Not only does the plotline sound highly entertaining and potentially really funny, but it also has a really great cast. Two amazing Latina actresses and the still hot-as-ever Brosnan all in one film? Count me in!

Image via Grosby Group

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