Kim Kardashian & Kanye West sue YouTube founder over leaked proposal video

So by now you've probably seen Kanye West's epic proposal to Kim Kardashian in a leaked video. Am I right? Well it looks like Kim and Kanye aren't so thrilled about that and on Thursday they filed a lawsuit against YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley for secretly recording the private event that took place in the middle of San Francisco's AT&T Park on October 21. Apparently the couple was planning on saving the video for MC Cable Television (an arm of Bunim/Murray and E!) but now that millions of people have already seen it, they can't!


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Hurley apparently tagged along with someone who was actually invited to the event. But here's where things get crazy: Hurley, along with everyone else that was there, was asked to sign a confidentiality agreement that stated they wouldn't publish any aspect of the event. In other words, Hurley had not only given his word, but signed that he wouldn't record or publish any footage from the proposal, and yet he still did.

The video that was secretly recorded actually shows everything from Kanye kneeling near second base and proposing to Kim, the large orchestra that played in the center field, friends and family running to congratulate the couple after Kanye popped the question, and even a brief two seconds of friends and family giving toasts.

Hurley actually posted the video on his new video-sharing site, MixBit. The lawsuit claims that he had a motive to leak the video from the beginning, basically to help draw more users to the site. Hurley launched the site back in August, but "quickly ran into trouble" almost immediately after launching. The lawsuit claims he leaked the video "out of desperation."

I have to say this dude should have seen this coming. How do you sign a confidentiality agreement and still publish footage from the event? Seriously, what was this fool thinking? I don't blame Kim and Kanye for wanting to sue him, especially since they were planning on making a profit out of the proposal themselves. I feel sorry for Hurley though, if there's two people you don't want a lawsuit with it's Kim and Kanye!

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