Kim Kardashian's engagement ring is worth HOW much?!

Here I am thinking the 15-carat diamond ring Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian with isn't worth nearly as much as the 16.21 rectangular cut engagement ring Kim's ex-husband Kris Humphries gave her, when the reality is it's worth WAY more! And when I say way more, I'm talking more than double the amount. Humphries managed to sell his for a total of $749,000, but it's reportedly worth two million. Let's just say Kanye beat him in value by a whole lot!


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According to reports, the engagement ring  may be worth up to $8 million! Isn't that insane? But then again what do you expect from a rapper who is worth even more than Kim Kardashian--$100 million to be exact. Kanye really did his leg work with this one, because he managed to find himself a ring that's not just worth $8 million, but apparently the flawless cushion cut diamond isn't easy to find. "This is exceptionally rare. Very few places in the world have diamonds such as that," said Forevermark Diamond expert Adelaide Polk-Bauman. That would explain the ultra-expensive price tag.

This proposal alone cost Kanye millions, and not just with the ring but also renting out the entire AT&T field which is estimated to have cost him around $220,000 and that's not counting the 50-piece orchestra that was playing that night.

With the kind of money Kanye dropped on this proposal, I'm just waiting to see how much their wedding is going to cost. I don't care what these two say, I'm not buying that Kim going to want to have a private and intimate wedding the third time around. You'd think with two failed marriages she would have learned her lesson, but I'm betting the Kimye wedding is going to be 10 times more spectacular than the televised E! special Kim had with Humphries. Let's just hope this marriage can last more than 72 days!

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