Ghost breaks into liquor store looking to score some boooooze

Ghosts are supposed to be scary, but the loco who dressed up as a ghost and broke into an ABC liquor store in Anniston, Alabama would cause more laughs than cries. This fool went all out on his costume and yet couldn't even manage to successfully steal anything. Meanwhile, police are still on the look out and if they find him he'll be charged with third degree burglary. So what was the point of all that if he was even going to take home any booze?


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Surveillance cameras captured the not-so-clever robber dressed from head-to-toe in a white sheet running back and fourth down the aisles of the liquor store and even into some of the backrooms looking like a mouse caught in a maze. Not once do you see him actually carry any alcohol. Sort of makes you wonder if this was supposed to be some sort of stupid Halloween prank.

"Probably a practical joke, Halloween," said customer Doug Conner. "People ain't got much to do, so they just get out and party. He was probably high." Now that makes a lot more sense, because only a person that's high or drunk out of their mind would risk robbing a liquor store, yet not leave with any booze.

I'm not going to lie, this video actually had me cracking up. There's even a point in the footage where the man looks like he's about to trip on his costume. Almost the entire time he's running around he's also trying to readjust it. "He didn't prepare himself very well," police officer, Chris Sparks said. "He thought about all the things. He wore gloves, he put something over his head, but he couldn't manage to keep it straight the whole time."

The crazy thing is, police think he's the same nut who attempted a burglary at a bar earlier in the week also wearing the same ghost costume. One thing for sure, if it is the same guy, he's definitely an idiot!

Check out the hysterical security camera footage below!

Image via YouTube

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