The trials & tribulations of a tall Mexican girl

You probably can't tell from my writing, but I'm tall. I'm tall for a woman, I'm particularly tall for a Mexican woman, and I'm GINORMOUS for a Mexican woman in my family. How tall you ask? I'm 5-foot-10. I've learned to embrace my height and I don't actually think of myself as tall anymore, at least not most of the time. But I have to say that being tall was a HUGE issue for me growing up. My family is Mexican and although they come in all shapes and sizes, I'm pretty much taller than just about all of them. I don't know if it has to do with me being born in the U.S. and inadvertently ingesting more growth hormones than the rest of my family did or what, but let's just say that I run tall for my family. I'm not just taller than the women, I'm taller than most of the men too. So what issues does a tall Mexican girl have?


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Here are just a few that come to mind immediately...

  • You are mistaken for the babysitter. My cousin and I who are the same age (she's actually a few months older than I am) would play together or go places together and people would assume I was her baby sitter.

  • Your family worries you will be single for the rest of your life. Apparently, falling in love with a man who is shorter than you is deemed impossible, so everyone worries that you will die a tall and lonely spinster.

  • Your feet are HILARIOUS! So when you are 5-foot-10, having a size 10 foot is totally normal and proportional, but that will not stop relatives from trying on your shoes and acting like they are in a canoe. funny, I forgot to laugh.

  • Awkard hugs. You have to crouch to hug your abuela unless you want her nose to get stuck in your belly button.

  • You will get accused of growing. Every single time you stand close to someone you are related to they will accuse you of having grown. Even if you haven't grown vertically in the last two decades.

Now that I've gotten older, most people don't notice how tall I am until they are actually standing right next to me. It could be because I'm not as skinny as I once was so the illusion of length is somehow minimized, or I've perfected the art of slouching, or I'm hanging out with taller people.

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