Chiquis STILL hasn't auditioned for the role of Jenni Rivera in mom's biopic

Despite the fact that numerous sources have revealed that Chiquis Marin will be playing her mother, Jenni Rivera, in a new upcoming film about  La Diva de .a Banda, the truth is she still hasn't even auditioned for the role. As a matter of fact, no one has. The auditions for the biopic haven't even begun yet!


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Chiquis has clearly expressed an interest in playing her mother in the new film, but that doesn't mean she's got this gig on lock. "I would like to," she told People en Español enthusiastically. But so far we still don't know what's happening. Of course the Riveras would actually prefer if she lands the role, but they're also just waiting to see what film executives decide.

Jenni's younger sister, Rosie Rivera, actually spoke out about it in an interview with Primer Impacto.

With a film so big, where there are multiple producers, where there are huge companies, these kinds of decisions have to be made by a team.

In my opinion, it would be crazy for producers NOT to cast Chiquis in this film. No one out there knows Jenni more than her own kids, so who better than to play her than her eldest daughter. Not to mention, Chiquis also sings and looks just like Jenni.  I really can't imagine them not giving her the role. Ugh! I'm getting anxious just thinking about it. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!

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