Selena Gomez cried over Justin Bieber on stage? Nope, didn't think so (VIDEO)

Is Selena Gomez not as over Justin Bieber as we thought? Despite confessing that she has a new celebrity crush just last week, the singer was recently brought to tears on stage while singing her song "Love Will Remember"--a track she has openly admitted is her most personal yet and is widely believed to be about her ex.  So was it really the thought of her former love that caused her to get so emotional?


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As can be seen in a video below (posted to Instagram by a fan), Gomez was talking to the audience about going through difficult times. "I have those bad days," she said. "And I understand when you guys just don't feel like it's enough and you just want to get back to when you were a kid again and it was so simple." Aww, poor Selenita! It definitely sounds like she's feeling more than a little overwhelmed. And who can blame her? We've all been there and most of us don't have anywhere near as hectic a schedule as she does.

And--as if crying on stage isn't enough for one week--Gomez ran into more trouble during one of her performances earlier this morning. The pop star was scheduled to sing her track "Slow Down" on The View today, but just as she was about to perform, the sound suddenly cut off! "I can't hear myself," she says to the audience in the clip below.  Eventually, View co-host Jenny McCarthy came to save her from the embarrassing silence and cut to commercial break due to "technical difficulties." Awkward!

Still, Gomez is a pro and she handled both situations very well, going on to finish the rest of the performances without a hitch. Here's hoping her future shows go a little more smoothly!

Watch part of Gomez's emotional speech below:

And her technical malfunction on The View:

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