9 Things they don't tell you about pregnancy

Hola, Mamás Latinas!

Welcome to my first baby blog! I am currently 32 weeks pregnant and I want to share everything that I'm going through with you! To start things off, I'd love to tell you about a few things you'll probably go through during your pregnancy (and how you can feel better when they happen to you!).


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1. Nausea: Usually pregnant women only experience morning sickness in their first trimester--but a small percentage of women experience nasuea throughout their entire pregnancy! Honestly, I feel nasueated morning, afternoon and night and been for all 32 weeks. I recently met a NEW friend called "Heartburn!"  If you're like me, make sure to eat lots of fruit and stay hydrated with water or seltzer water and lime.

2. Weight Gain! This has been the biggest blow to my ego. I thought I would be one of those superheroes (like my superhero Aluna) who do Pilates and exercise throughout my pregnancy and have normal weight gain. But I've gained 60 pounds and I have six to seven weeks to go! I am too tired to wash my hair some days, let alone exercise. My cure for this? I watch my favorite exercise video while eating empanadas and then read articles about how many calories breastfeeding burns. Just keeping it real!

3. Your SIGH-nuses: My sinuses have definitely been out of whack during my pregnancy. I've had runny nosebleeds and a constant bad taste in my mouth (I know that's disgusting, but I want to be honest with you). I find that a neti pot helps with this (it's not a cure, but it definitely made me feel better) plus, they're inexpensive and you can get one at your local pharmacy.

4. Tinkle, Tinkle: During my pregnancy, I've been taking frequent trips to the ladies (and by frequent, I mean every five minutes!). I'm not even exaggerating – my bladder is so weak that sometimes when I sneeze or cough, I sprinkle. LOL! I do not have a cure for this, unfortunately, but if anyone out there DOES, please share it with me! My OBGYN has already tested me for UTIs, but she has concluded that my baby just likes to hang out down there, which puts extra pressure on my bladder. Que lindo! 

5. Isn't that SWELL? My feet have become swollen and my hands are super hot. This all started in my second trimester. Whenever I overdo it, or eat too much salt, my feet and hands swell up. Lately, my hands get really hot – so hot that I have to ice them. I had to put my wedding band on a chain around my neck because it doesn't fit me anymore. All I can do is just lay down and put my feet up – elevating my hands and feet is the only thing that makes the swelling go away. It's a great excuse to take it easy and relax, after all, you deserve a break!

6. Stretch Marks: If your mom had them, you most likely will, too. Gracias, mami! The good news is you can definitely prevent them – make a habit out of rubbing cocoa butter all over your belly, legs, arms and breasts. There are some great organic products out there like Erbaviva and breast cream by Novena Maternity.

7. Lower Back Pain: With my growing baby bump, the extra weight is definitely affecting my lower back and hips. I find a nice warm bath can be a safe way to relax tired muscles and relieve lower back and hip pain. (Warning: the water temperature should not exceed 100 degrees fahrenheit – it should be close to your own body temperature). If it's too hot, you run the risk of getting overheated and an increased heart rate, which reduces blood flow to your baby and can put you and your baby at risk.

8. Sleepless Nights: All of the above will lead to sleepless and restless nights. You will toss and turn and as your belly grows, you'll find it harder to get comfortable. Get yourself a maternity pillow! I love my maternity pillow by Bumpnest.com. It helps me a LOT.

9. Fatigue: I've read that most pregnant women experience fatigue in their first trimester and then in the second trimester they will experience a surge of energy. I am currently in my third trimester and I'm still waiting for that surge of energy – perhaps that surge will come when I give birth or during labor when I need it to the most! Wishful thinking!

Thank you hermosas Mamas Latinas for hearing me out. I can't wait to be here with you every week. 

Un abrazote,


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