Christian Chavez confirms suicide photos were real (VIDEO)

Christian Chavez left many of his fans shocked after he posted some extremely disturbing and graphic photos of himself surrounded by alcohol bottles and sporting bloody wrists on his Twitter account. Though at first, friends tried to downplay the pictures, making it seem as if the former RBD singer had faked his own suicide as an attempt to make a statement. But after tons of speculation and public backlash, Chavez has decided to come clean, revealing the sad truth that the photos were actually real.


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Despite initial attempts to pass off the whole thing as a joke, a family member later reportedly confirmed the photos were authentic and said that the singer is going through an "extreme crisis."  Eventually, Chavez spoke up for himself, releasing a video statement (in Spanish) in which he clarified the situation.

"To me, it is very important to clarify that the images that were published, were real," he said. "I'm going through a difficult time. I know I'm not the only one, I know that many other young people are going through the same thing."

He later went on to thank his family, friends, and fans for their support, saying, "With my family and your love, with God's love and with my hard work towards what I love, I'm going to be alright."

It's heartbreaking to know that Chavez actually attempted to take his own life. And while I still can't understand his decision to post such alarming photos for the entire world to see, I'm glad to hear that he's admitting he needs help and that he's finally working on getting it. Hopefully, he'll get through this obviously extremely difficult time with some support from his loved ones.

Watch his entire statement here:

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