Ricky Martin is raising his twins trilingual & now I love him even more!

I've loved Ricky Martin ever since his Menudo days. Not only is he an extremely hot and talented Puerto Rican, but he's also true to himself. And, for the past five years, he's being an amazing dad to his twin boys Matteo and Valentino whom, he recently announced, he is raising in three languages. 

Since I've dedicated the last five years to promoting the benefits of bilingualism, hearing Ricky Martin tell Ellen DeGeneres how his sons speak Spanish, English and French was music to my ears!


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Martin told DeGeneres that he speaks Spanish to his kids at home, but that they also speak English and are learning French in school in New York City where they currently live. The artist said the diversity of cultures and languages is one of the reasons he loves living there and he wants to make sure his boys benefit from all that.

I loved that during the interview, in which he shared the most adorable pictures of his twins, Martin made it clear that it was imperative for Valentino and Matteo to speak Spanish because his parents, the twins grandparents, don't speak English. "They better speak Spanish because if not, there's going to be a big problem in the house." And I can totally see what he's talking about. Sadly, I know of several kids who are unable to communicate with their grandparents because they weren't taught Spanish and their abuelitos don't really speak English. ¡Qué triste!

But Spanish is Martin's first language, the one in which he became famous, and I just don't see how he could ever not pass that on to his boys. Raising them multilingual is the best gift he can give them and one for which they'll be forever grateful! 

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