'The Voice': Check out what you didn't see behind the scenes this week! (VIDEO)

Week two of the blind auditions on The Voice has officially come to a close, but there was plenty of behind-the-scenes action that viewers didn't get to see on TV. Luckily for fans, NBC is finally giving us a sneak peek into what exactly coaches do in between takes and the footage even more hilarious than you'd expect!


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In the clip, all of the coaches sit in their big, red chairs and try to kill time in between auditions. But just because the cameras have technically "stopped rolling," doesn't mean the banter between the four stops!

As can be seen in the clip, the coaches just can't resist amusing themselves by throwing paper at each other (Christina Aguilera to Blake Shelton), making weird noises (Adam Levine and Christina), and taking lighthearted jabs at each other's expense. At one point, Aguilera even teases Levine by waving her fan in his face while Shelton laughs hysterically in the background.

But my favorite part is when the coaches interact directly with the members of the audience. After CeeLo accidentally fails to push his button for one contestant despite the crowd's encouragement, he tells them, "I couldn't tell if you were dancing or telling me to do it!" He later adds, "I trust y'all…make it obvious next time if I gotta do it!" Ha!

Anyone who watches the show can already tell that that all four of the coaches always seem to be having a good time. But I love getting sneak peeks like these because it just proves that these guys really are like a mini-family, both on and off the screen.  

Image via NBC

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