Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child looks exactly like his dad!

Arnold Schwarzenegger's son with housekeeper Mildred Baena turned 16 on Wednesday and from the looks of  some recently snapped photos of the teen, he's shaping up to look just like his dad!

Joseph Baena was photographed on Tuesday walking alongside his mom after his high school's swim practice in California-- and there's definitely no questioning the resemblance. From his facial features to his already-muscular build, he already looks like a junior version of Schwarzenegger!


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In fact, his famous bodybuilder dad seems to be determined to pass on his fit lifestyle. According to TMZ, Schwarzenegger gifted his son with a complete home gym for his big day. Jeez…well, I guess that's one perk of having a celebrity for a parent!  

The site also maintains that though Baena lives in his mom, he and Schwarzenegger have been able to establish a close relationship since the star first confirmed his paternity back in 2011.   "Once the truth came out, Arnold embraced Joseph," one source reportedly told TMZ. "Since then, they've been slowly building a great relationship."

Given that that the world hasn't seen much of Baena since the media firestorm a few years back, I'm not surprised to see that everyone is clamoring over these photos—especially since the physical similarities between the two are so evident. But personally, I'm more interested to hear that the duo has been working on their relationship this whole time. I'm glad that Schwarzenegger has finally stepped up and done the right thing in reaching out to his son. And he better watch out! With his new home gym, Baena could be overtaking his dear ol' dad any minute now.  

Image via NY Daily News

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