Eddie "Piolin" Sotelo's co-workers claim he is not the man he pretends to be

Have you been following this whole Eddie "Piolín" Sotelo scandal? It's pretty crazy. First his wildly popular morning radio show was cancelled by Univision and no one could figure out why. Then we find out that seven colleagues were accusing him of harassment (sexual and otherwise). Then we find out that he got a new gig at SiriusXM. Then "Piolín" files a suit against six former employees accusing them of extortion. Then (I know that's a lot of thens, but that's how this scandal has been going) Sotelo gives an interview to People En Español where he basically calls everyone coming out against him liars, co-conspiritors, and traitors. Beto Cortez, the first one to accuse Sotelo of inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment, is having none of it and is now telling his side of the story.


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Cortez spoke to People En Español and said that Sotelo is not the person everyone thinks they know via radio and TV. Cortez worked as a writer and editor on Sotelo's morning show Piolín por la mañana. He absolutely denies that he conspired with other colleagues or that he lied about any of his allegations against Sotelo. He points out that he did not go to the media with his accusations, but instead followed proper channels and went to human resources with a letter of complaint.

Okay, this is totally my opinion and not based on facts whatsoever, I am not being a reporter right now, just a complete and total gossiping onlooker,  but I gotta say that I kinda sorta believe Beto Cortez. I mean, only the people involved really know what happened, but it just doesn't seem to me like Cortez did any of this for financial gain or to exact revenge. I could be TOTALLY wrong, though. ¿Quién sabe?

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