I love telenovelas--old, new, made in Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia or Miami, I don't care as long as the producers have made a little effort. New material, remakes, I watch them all. Telenovelas were my temporary antidote against homesickness the first months after I moved to the U.S. For an hour (or several) I didn't feel so far away from my country and my family. They helped a lot. That doesn't mean, though, that I don't realize how silly some of them can be. Can you imagine what it would be like if the things that happen in the telenovelas were also truth in real life?


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Silly and all, wouldn't it be nice if some things were that easy or predictable? And of course it would be even better if all our men looked like those hot telenovela galanes. The list of ridiculous things and situations that can be seen in telenovelas can be endless, but during a girl's night out, my friends and I agree that this 10 just take the cake.

1. Women go to bed in full makeup and wake up with their face perfectly made and an impeccable hair do.

2. The abandoned daughters of some millionaires will end up as maids at  their "real" parents' family mansion.

3. Good people always get rewarded.

4. Evil people always get what's coming to them.

5. In everybody's life there is always at least one mentally insane person.

6. People talk to themselves out loud and that is normal.

7. You always do household chores wearing stilettos and miniskirts.

8. Nobody ever works, even if they are supposed to be in the workplace.

9. Homes, even the poorest ones, are always tidy.

10. True love always finds its way.

Images via Televisa, Telemundo

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