Eva Longoria on marriage: "Been there, done that!"

Looks like Eva Longoria is calling it quits ... on marriage, that is! The actress--who divorced NBA player Tony Parker in 2011--recently told Access Hollywood that she feels no need to ever wed again.

"I've been married twice. Been there, done that!" the 38-year-old  joked when asked if she feels any pressure to walk down the aisle again.


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Longoria, who recently split with boyfriend Ernest Arguello after just a few months, also says she doesn't feel her biological clock ticking as many other women do. "I'm not one of those women who are like, 'I must procreate!' " she said. She went on to explain:

I think kids are a product of love. So if you find the right person and you want to have a family with that person, then that's when the time is right. But ... if I'm 50 and single, I'm not going to go do it myself.

And it's not just love and kids she's indifferent about, it's whole aging process in general. "I love aging, as far as getting wiser. I have no desire to be 25 again," she said

I have to admit, I kind of really like the attitude Longoria is taking towards relationships and her growing older and I LOVE that she's being so open about it. The truth is, not every woman wants to get married and have kids. And given her past experiences, it makes complete sense that Longoria is at a point where she feels comfortable having both or neither happen.

After all, it's not like she's completely closed off to love. We've all seen her out and dating!

But it's nice to hear that she's not putting pressure on herself (which is a tendency many people have) and that she's embracing her life as it is.

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