Kanye West & Jimmy Kimmel face off in heated Twitter war!

Kanye West is no joke, you guys. As far as I can tell, that guy is always "on." He likes attention and he knows how to get it. Right now, he is calling attention to himself because he seems to have gone cyber-crazy on Jimmy Kimmel. I'm talking tweet after menacing tweet directed at Kimmel. This all happened after Kimmel aired a re-enactment of an interview that West gave to the BBC.


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According to Kimmel, West was upset about the skit, which aired on Tuesday and demanded a public apology. Then Kanye took to Twitter to let the world (at least those of use with internet access) that he is PISSED at Kimmel.

Below are a couple of choice tweets that West sent Kimmel's way.

Now, of course this could all be some sort of joke orchestrated by both Kimmel and West, but Kimmel doesn't seem to be in on the joke according to what he's putting out on Twitter.

So whether Kanye is really mad, I don't know, but I do know that he needs to figure out how to turn the "cap lock" of on his phone or whatever device he's using to tweet.

Here's the "offending" skit that started the whole thing for your viewing pleasure.

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