Justin Bieber finally gets the spanking he deserves! (VIDEO)

If you have never seen Zach Galifianakis' (try saying that 5 times fast) web show, Between Two Ferns, you are missing a whole lot of awkard funniness. All interviews in this Funny or Die series are sort of painful to watch, but in a good way. Galifianakis and his guest of the moment sit between two ferns and have an awkward sort of caustic exchange that is comedy gold if you are into that sort of thing, which I totally am. I have to say that I particularly loved his recent interview with Justin Bieber, which would have been horrifying to watch, but knowing that Bieber is in on the joke actually makes me like him more and the fact that Galifianakis took off his belt and spanked Bieber makes me want to nuzzle him in my boutiful bosoms. Did I just go to far? Wait 'til you see how far Galifianakis goes.


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I'll let you watch the video yourself, but I have to point out some of my favorite moments. I just about peed myself when Zach said, "You affectionately refer to your fans as beaners." Of course, that's not true and Justin corrected him, but it is HILARIOUS!

Throughout the interview Galifianakis makes fun of Bieber's age, his hair, his "shitty" music, and Bieber takes it while throwing a few quips back. Then towards the end, Galifianakis takes off his belt and spanks Bieber. As he points out after the spanking, it's totally okay because Bieber is not actually a child.

I love it, it's totally weird, wacky, and funny in a Galifianakis sort of way. Kudos to Justin Bieber for having a sense of humor about himself unlike other celebrities (I won't name any names, but I might put a few letters in a row and you can jump to your own conclusions: K...A...N...Y...E).

Check out the nonsense for yourself.


Image via Funny or Die

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