WATCH how this hilarious toddler is totally unimpressed by the Happiest Place on Earth

When parents surprised their two young daughters, Lily and Chloe, with a trip to Disneyland, they probably expected some happy smiles and maybe even some squeals of excitement. What they got were some mixed reactions so opposite of each other that you can't help but laugh out when you see them.  

Some might remember the now 8-year-old Lily from a video that went viral two years, in which the little girl cries hysterically upon learning she was going on her first-ever trip to Disneyland. This time around, however, the real star of the clip is her 2-year-old little sister, Chloe. Trust me, you'll see what I mean as soon as you watch the video below the jump.


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As can be seen in the clip (taken earlier this month), the entire family is riding in the car together supposedly on the way to drop Lily off at school, when the dad drives past their stop. As the girls giggle thinking it was all a mistake, their mom asks their dad to pull over--which is when she reveals they're actually skipping school that day and heading to Disneyland.

At first, Lily doesn't react, apparently not believing her. But when she realizes it's serious, Lily immediately (once again) bursts into hysterical tears of joy. The best part however, is when the camera flashes to Chloe, who first stares at her emotional sister as if she's lost her mind and then turns to the camera with a completely and totally unimpressed look on her face.

"That's what Chloe does, a little stink face," the girls' mom Katie said on Good Morning America. "Chloe is my little danger kid. She's just like, 'Yeah, whatever.' "

You have to see it to get the full effect (the must-see moment begins around 1:52):

Image via YouTube

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