Check out how AMAZING Fergie looks just 4 weeks after giving birth!

What is it with celebs and how fast they're able to bounce back to their old bods right after pregnancy? It's only been about a month since Fergie gave birth to her first child, baby boy Axl Jack and she's already sporting a much slimmer figure. The Black Eyed Peas singer was spotted on Wednesday having a romantic dinner date in Beverly Hills with her handsome hubby Josh Duhamel. Fergie was wearing an oversized T-shirt, chic tuxedo blazer, black skinny jeans, and sky-high stilettos. Yes skinny jeans and stilettos!


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The girl looks fabulous! But it kind of makes me wonder, how in the world did she manage to bounce back to her pre-baby body SO quickly? I know plenty of women that had to wait months before they could squeeze back into their skinny jeans. But then again, did you see how stunning Penélope Cruz looked after she gave birth to her second child, daughter Luna? And Shakira is another one! She looked like she was rocking a six-pack only months after bringing baby Milan into the world. It's so unfair!

Fergie's post-baby transformation doesn't really surprise me though, especially considering she was all belly while she was pregnant. I swear that's the only place she gained weight. That's probably why she was seen rocking an oversized top, because I'm sure there's still a little hint of belly there. The rest of her looks slimmed down and toned. I don't know how she does it! I'd probably still be walking around in leggings or long, flowy maxi dresses a month after giving birth. Forget skinny jeans!

You have to hand it to Fergie, she looks amazing. I'm actually very impressed at how quickly she's managed to get back in shape. On one hand it's great, but on the other a bit discouraging because I know it takes most women a lot longer to lose baby weight. But at the end of the day, what do you expect from a celeb?

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