'The Voice': Christina Aguilera & Adam Levine try to take down reigning champ, Blake Shelton! (VIDEOS)

The second batch of The Voice blind auditions kicked off tonight and the contestants this go around were even bigger and better this episode. Once again, all four coaches continued to face off against each other to attempt to convince the best vocalists to join their team. But throughout the entire episode, there was definitely one obvious theme of the night from three of the coaches--take down Blake!


From the first audition of the night onwards, Christina, Adam and CeeLo were ganging up on co-star and three-time champ Blake to try and ensure he didn't get the singers he wanted. Christina and Adam in particular seemed deteremined to beat him to the punch.

Unfortunately, it didn't always work! Holly Henry was the first artist to get four chairs to turn around tonight after her lovely rendition of "The Scientist." Blake, who proclaimed her the reason he was "officially excited for season 5" hit his button within seconds of the start of her performance, followed quickly by the other three coaches. But that good ol' southern charm obviously worked because she picked Team Blake--even causing the coach to break out into a moonwalk!

County-folk singer Austin Jenckes was another standout of the night, nailing his version of Lynryd Skynyrd's "Simple Man" and getting both Blake and CeeLo to turn around. And once again, Blake came out on top, with Jenckes picking his team.

Jonny Gray also impressed some of the coaches, getting both CeeLo and Adam to turn around. Though the two fought hard to try and win him over, praising him for his soulful voice, Gray ultimately ended up choosing CeeLo.

The night ended on an high note with the amazing audition of Tessane Chin, who got all four to turn their chairs around within seconds of her rendition of Pink. Though all the coaches tried desparately to win her over, Adam was the one to pull out all the stops and the powerhouse singer ended up choosing his team.

Looks like things are definitely heating up! Will next week's auditions beat out this week's? Guess we'll have to watch to find out!

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