Teen Mom Farrah Abrams takes her fame whoring to a whole new level! (VIDEO)

Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham's looks like she's REALLY trying hard to capitalize on the success of her  raunchy sex tape with porn star James Deen, because now she' ventured onto a new sleazy project. You will not believe what this girl is willing to do to get some fame!


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Her new venture? Sex toys molded in the shape of her actual vagina! The girl actually had a professional cast made of her vagina, butthole, and breasts to bring Farrah Abraham shaped genitals to a store near you in 2014! Because apparently everyone wants to jack off to a mold of her va-jay-jay … or at least that's what she thinks anyway.

Farrah seems to be really committed to her new sex toy line, because who in their right mind would actually want the toys to resemble their actual private parts? The pocket vag in her collection is a plastic version of her own crotch. That's so freaking gross! And of course Farrah did a promotional video showing exactly how the molds were made because she's so classy like that, right? This is what the loca had to say about it:

Hey, so I think I'm taking sex symbol to a whole new level today. I'm at Topco, which is, like the fourth biggest in the nation adult toy sales manufacturer. So now I'm going to have a whole, like, sex line. People are going to jack off to me. This is crazy.

I'm so over this girl! I've never seen someone so desperate to make money and stay relevant. I can't even imagine how embarrassed her mother must be. And the girl has a 4-year-old daughter (who's crazy cute, by the way) for crying out loud! Does she not care how this can effect little Sophia when she's older? Probably not, because from what I see, the only thing Farrah cares about is money, sex, and fame. The chick should have just been a rapper!

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