WATCH Dad & daughter create a "Blurred Lines" video you will LOVE!

Unless you've been living in a cave, by now I'm sure you've heard Robin Thicke's super popular "Blurred Lines," the raunchy, catchy, and completely overplayed anthem. If you're tired of hearing the song then you'll love how this one dad revamped it.

Nick Pecko decided to take "Blurred Lines" and make his own version of the song called "Don't Cry." You can imagine that the inspiration behind this song had nothing to do with dancing naked ladies, but instead was his daughter Lara.


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Pecko came up with the brilliant idea after he noticed that Thicke's song was the only thing that could get his newborn daughter Lara to stop crying. Considering the controversial lyrics in the catchy tune, he decided to write up his own lyrics that fit with the beat but were G-rated for his baby's ears.

Like every hit song,"Don't Cry" also has a music video and this one stars Pecko's friend as himself, his daughter, and other friends' children. The video is so adorable that it's a MUST-WATCH! In case you're having a hard time getting your little one to fall asleep, you may want to to try Pecko's remedy. Believe me, you'll actually like the beat again after watching!

Image via YouTube

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