Sofia Vergara tells Miley Cyrus: "Twerking was invented in Colombia!"

This year's Emmy ceremony left Sofia Vergara without an Emmy ... AGAIN! For four years in a row, the beautiful and talented actress has been nominated for her role as Gloria in Modern Family and for four years in a row she has been passed over for the award. Oh well, there's always next year and the next, right? Ms. Vergara did not let herself get bummed out just because she didn't win, oh no, she went on to party like Miley Cyrus only BETTER! That's right, Vergara got her twerk on at an Emmys' afterparty and schooled Cyrus on the origins of booty poppin' moves.


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If you are a fan of Sofia Vergara and do not follow her on social media, perhaps you should. The actress is great at keeping her fans in the loop of what's going on in her life. Not to mention, she's funny. Once the Emmys were done, Sofia partied the night away and shared on social media, but the BEST share of all was this picture where she popped her booty, flashed her famous smile and wrote, "Miley cyrus [sic] this is where the twerk was invented. Colombia!"

Now I can't confirm where twerking was first spotted, but I'm thinking that as far back as there have been dance floors and women with butts there has been some kind of twerking going on even if it wasn't being called that at the time.

Sofia, thanks for the laugh and better luck at next year's Emmys!

Images via Getty Images and WhoSay/SofiaVergara

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