'The Voice' premiere: Original 4 are back & more competitive than ever in first blind auditions! (VIDEOS)

The Voice is back and it definitely kicked off with a bang! Tonight's episode not only marked the first episode of season 5, but also the return of coaches Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera. The entire original gang started the night off with a lively performance of "I Love Rock & Roll" before heading into the first round of blind auditions. And there were plenty of memorable moments!


Though I was a little reluctant at first upon hearing about the second switch of coaches, I was glad to see that the fun and friendly vibe between the original four was still there. There was plenty of that good-natured banter and funny moments that we've all come to look forward to. One of my favorites? Nick Hawke's audition, in which he called Adam Levine a distraction for being too good-looking, causing him to blush ...and Blake Shelton to get a llittle jealous! Sigh..how can you not love these two and their bromance?!  

One of the most unforgettable auditions of the night--and the first four-chair turn around of the night--was that of Matthew Schuler. He gave an amazing rendition of "Cough Syrup," which earned a standing ovation from all of the coaches and even had Adam and Christina climbing on top of their chairs! All four of them fought hard to try and sway him to his team, with Christina pleading to let her be "the first female coach to win this thing"--and it worked! He ultimately picked her, which might have been unexpected but is definitely a huge plus for Team Xtina!

Christina also got another win for her team when talented vocalist Josh Logan chose her as his coach. He picked her over Adam and Blake, who went so far as to proclaim he had a "man crush" on him. Ha, there seemed to be a lot of those going around this episode!

Alabama gal Shelbi James also nailed her rendition of country single "Here for the Party" and got Blake, Adam, and Christina to turn around. As expected, she picked Team Blake. It might not not a surprising choice for a country powerhouse singer, but she's got a great voice and I think he'll get her far.

James Wolpert, the last contestant of the episode, became the second person of the night to get all of the coaches to turn their chairs around.  All four really fought tooth and nail to try and sway him to their team but Wolpert ended up choosing Team Adam.

One thing's for sure--there is already some great talent on the show and the season has only just begun so it looks like we're in for one fierce competition!

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