Hilarious BatDad is fighting bad manners one kid at a time! (VIDEO)

If you're having a crappy Monday, you might want to check out this super cute "BatDad" video. This adorable clip shows a dad decked out in a Batman mask and cape teaching his kids to say please and thank you--all while attempting to sound like Christian Bale from The Dark Knight. Talk about creative parenting! If this doesn't shift your mood I don't know what will!


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"Ben, you need to cover your mouth you're spreading germs," he tells his son in a deep, husky voice. This hysterical dad is on a mission to teach his kids good manners posing as Batman ... Too bad his kids don't quite understand the awesomeness that is BatDad--yet!

His wife on the other hand doesn't seem to find him so amusing. Maybe she's heard way too many of his Batman jokes, but she definitely looks annoyed when he stops her in the middle of doing the laundry to tell her to "make sure to wash" his pajamas. The entire compilation of this man's seven-second clips straight from @BatDadVine is hysterical, but my favorite part has to be when he finds his son on top of the dining room table. "Benjamin tables are for glasses not asses!" Meanwhile his kid remains obvlious to anything he's saying.

They may not understand what Daddy is up to now, but sooner or later these kids are going to be pretty amazed with their pops. While most parents yell at their kids to stop doing things, this dad does it all in cool superhero fashion. Not only is it extremely entertaining, but with a dad this badass, who wouldn't want to be told what to do?

If only there were more crime-fighting, superhero dads out there. The world would definitely be a better (or at least funnier) place, that's for sure!

Image via YouTube

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