Justin Timberlake gets special gift from Brazilian reporter, butt it's just gross (VIDEO)

Justin Timberlake was recently surprised with a really unusual gift during a painfully awkward interview with Brazilian reality TV contestant turned entertainment reporter Sabrina Sato. There's no doubt this woman is a HUGE fan of his, because she gave him a plastic mold of her own ass, autographed (like she's someone famous) and everything. Um … who does that?


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You had to see Justin's face when he opened up the box and finally saw the butt mold. His perplexed reaction was priceless! To be honest, the whole damn interview was awkward. The reporter couldn't even correctly pronounce Justin's name. And she can't even try to blame her accent for that. If you're interviewing a celebrity as big as Justin Timberlake, make sure you practice pronouncing his name before the interview. Geez!

The poor guy looked SO uncomfortable throughout the entire thing. She said the stupidest things and asked the dumbest questions. At one point she even told him he danced like a black American. He literally broke out laughing after that. I'm positive she meant that as a compliment but it came out so strange. But again, nothing beats the surprise butt in the box. That thing was like the cherry on top.

You can tell he didn't want to open the gift during the interview, but the woman really put him on the spot. It took a while before he finally landed his eyes on it and when he did he asked, "This is your butt?" unsuccessfully hiding his distaste. "Okay well it's … it's great," he said stuttering. The girl even autographed it. At this point Justin looks like he's just dying to end this ridiculous interview. She finished off by expressing how much she loves him and how she got into the entertainment industry JUST so she could interview him. Awkward … Just check out the cringe-worthy exchange for yourself:

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