The 2013 Emmy Awards are this Sunday and I'm crazy excited! Not only are three of my favorite Latino celebrities nominated for awards, but there's also going to be a special memorial dedicated to the Hollywood icons that passed this year, including James Gandolfini, Jean Stapleton, and Glee star Cory Monteith. This year our Latino nominees include Homeland actress Morena Baccarin for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama, Louis C.K. for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series, and Modern Family star Sofia Vergara for Outstanding Supporting Actress. This is the third time in a row Sofia is nominated in a comedy section so I'm hoping the third time's the charm!


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We've had quite a few Latin male actors take home Emmy awards over the past years, but as far as women go it's just been Rita Moreno and America Ferrera. Isn't that nuts? So it's about time we get another Latina winner. We're counting on you Morena and Sofia! With that said, here's a look at our Latino Emmy winners over the years!

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