Khloe Kardashian glad she didn't have Lamar Odom's baby & we can't blame her

Khloe Kardashian and her rocky marriage to Lamar Odom might be hitting a turbulent point, but she's certainly not letting it keep her down. In fact, according to reports, Khloe is actually "glad" she never got pregnant with Lamar's baby. Let's face it--bringing a child into the world would have probably made things a lot more complicated right now.


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"She has told me, 'I don't regret marrying Lamar but I'm glad I didn't get pregnant,' " a close friend of Khloe's told OK! Magazine. "She's actually thankful she didn't have kids. It would have been unfair to a child to bring them into this chaos."

Khloe has been staying strong throughout this entire ordeal and it can't be easy. First she had to deal with Lamar's crazy crack/cocaine drug addiction, then the fact that he refused to go to rehab, and rumor has it the poor girl even had to get tested for STDs because he allegedly cheated on her with five other women without using protection! That's a lot to take, especially when it's all in the public eye.

But even though Khloe is relieved she didn't have a baby with Lamar, that doesn't mean she doesn't want to be a mom. According to reports she's already considering taking motherhood into her own hands by adopting a child--without Lamar of course!

"She never ruled out adoption, and now she's pursuing it," a source told InTouch Weekly. "Khloe is saying she'll have a baby regardless of what's happening with her marriage." Reports are even claiming that she visited an adoption lawyer in California on Sept. 11. Wait … could this really be happening?

I really wouldn't be surprised if these adoption rumors really are true. I think Khloe has really had enough when it comes to Lamar. After everything that's gone down in the last couple of months, who wouldn't? I don't see why she should let a man get in the way of her fulfilling her dream of becoming a mom. Hopefully she drops Lamar like a hot potato and starts a new life with a new baby!

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