Liam Hemsworth's new girl Eiza Gonzalez lands first Hollywood role!

Ever since Eiza González was spotted making out with hottie Liam Hemsworth (and as we all know, Miley's ex fiance), the girl has been on everyone's radar. And apparently that includes Hollywood directors too, because after only a few weeks of living in L.A. the Mexican telenovela actress recently landed an acting gig in the upcoming film All Hail the Squash Blossom Queen. Hmmm …that doesn't sound like a coincidence to me!


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Eiza literally just moved to Los Angeles a few weeks ago in hopes of landing a Hollywood role. Who would have thought she'd get one this fast! And to top things off she lands the starring role as Brittany. How the heck did this happen? I'm betting all the talk of her dating Liam drew casting director Adrian Cervantes' attention.

"The whole movie takes place during a single summer," Cervantes told E! News. "[It's about] a small-town girl who lives to compete in beauty pageants. She'll be facing a huge challenge when her main love interest [Bumbershoot, played by Cameron Monaghan] becomes her biggest opponent at the town's beauty pageant." Considering how done up Eiza looks all the time, it only makes sense she'd take a role like this.

The movie is set to begin shooting in April 2014 and Eiza apparently couldn't be more excited. She already started tweeting about it earlier today. "Can't wait to start shooting!!! This is gonna be sick!!! @SqshBlssmFilm @CameronMonaghan @thisisbwright."

They still don't know if they'll be shooting the film in Georgia or Washington. But I'm sure Eiza is hoping for Georgia since that's where her new boy toy, Liam, will be filming his next movie. I'm not denying that Eiza genuinely likes Liam. Who wouldn't? The dude is HOT! But I'm sure being spotted with him doesn't hurt career wise either!

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