Paula Patton says it's no big deal for chicks to twerk on Robin Thicke

I have a total girl crush on Paula Patton, so I've been dying to hear what she though about the recent Miley-gate debacle. In case you have been living in a cave devoid of TV or Internet access, Miley Cyrus and Patton's husband, Robin Thicke, caught a LOT of flack for their performance at the MTV VMA's last month. Of course, the question on everyone's mind since seeing Cyrus play grab-hands with Thicke's crotch and then back her thing up on him has been: What does Paula Patton think?!

It wasn't until her recent appearance on the Bravo's Watch What Happens Live and the Today show that we learned what Paula REALLY thought and her answer might just surprise you!


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Andy Cohen asked Paula: "How long did it take to wash Miley's funk off your husband's Beetlejuice pants?"

Her response? "First of all, his outfit was fly, and secondly he was wearing pants so there was nothing to wash off. It wasn't a naked show!" Hahahaha! You've gotta love her for defending her man no matter what.

Paula explained that Robin and Miley had been practicing for days that's how ladies dance in the clubs now, adding,  "My friends dance with [Robin] like that. It's just what they do." She later appeared on the Today Show and to prove her point "twerked" on weather anchor, Al Roker while jokingly asking him if his wife would get jealous.

Clearly, Paula and Robin have a secure relationship which is why she isn't freaking out about the performance. She even shared that the secret to their long-lasting eight year marriage is "love" and not being too "uptight." I understand that Paula is confident enough to trust Robin, but the fact that she said her OWN friends dance that way with him is weird.

I couldn't picture myself dancing provocatively with my friends' spouses or boyfriends.Talk about awkward! Their marriage appears super relaxed because Robin's "Blurred Lines" music video features naked ladies and he was recently photographed grabbing a random woman's butt. I guess to each his own and if it works for them, then great. Hopefully, Robin won't take it TOO far one day because I doubt he'll want to see Paula's fury…I've seen Mission Impossible.

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