These kids' dance moves will blow you away (VIDEOS)

Some kids just have all the right moves! Take for example, the adorable little girl in the video below, who pretty much wins the Internet for the best dancing ever seen at a wedding.

As can be seen in the absolutely hilarious clip, most of the other guests are sitting down at their tables...but not this kid! She happily takes to the mostly empty dance floor to jam out to song after song. It starts with Justin Bieber's "Baby" and only snowballs from there.


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My favorite part, by far? When she just starts breaking it down to Psy's "Gangnam Style." I know, I know, we've all pretty much had it up to here with that song,but trust, me, you won't want to miss this little girl's version of the dance. She NAILS it.

Watch the video in its entirety below, along with four other kids that were obviously born to dance:

1. Little girl's dance at a wedding pretty much everyone else's moves to shame.


2. Two kids show off their amazing skills during a dance competition.


3. This boy's vogue dance at his bar mitzvah made him a YouTube sensation!


4. Watch this kid's impressive chalk dance below.


5. This awesome 6-year-old break dance prodigy blows away her competition in this video.

Image via YouTube

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