I have a confession to make: Sometimes on my spare time on log on to YouTube and watch hysterical videos of people imitating Latinos for countless hours. Don't judge me! These videos are actually crazy funny and if you watch them you'll be cracking up yourself. Like the one about stereotypical things Latina chicks say or my personal favorite--the angry Dominican mom yelling at her daughter. Who hasn't seen that one? It's a freaking classic!


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The truth is whether you're young, old, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Colombian, or Mexican you'll find something to relate to (or at least laugh about) when you watch these videos. Yea they might be a little stereotypica, but every once in a while you have to be willing to make fun of yourself. If you don't, believe me someone else will--hence the videos! Check out the eight funniest Latino videos on YouTube right now!

Image via YouTube

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