Did Sofia Vergara just call off her wedding to fiancé Nick Loeb?! Rumor has it that the Modern Family star dumped her longtime boyfriend after she reportedly found out he was cheating on her. Oh, say it ain't so!

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According to the Daily Mail, the two got into a dramatic argument at a party in the Hamptons last week after one of Loeb's pals told Vergara he had been unfaithful to her. They have split up before because of rumors of him cheating and she had heard from a close friend that he had cheated again," a source allegedly told the publication. "She's not prepared to put up with it anymore." Yikes!

The 41-year-old and her beau broke up last summer only to reunite a short while later. They subsequently got engaged last year during a celebratory trip to Mexico for the star's 40th birthday. But apparently, it hasn't been all smooth sailing since then. The two have fought publicly before and  this latest argument was supposedly one of the ugliest they've had yet--so bad that some reports say it could really be over for good this time!

Neither party has confirmed or even addressed the speculation yet. And honestly, I can't help but be more than a little skeptical, especially since Vergara was tweeting pictures of the two of them together just a couple of days ago! But if it does turn out to be true, I have to admit I'd be pretty bummed. Personally, I like the two of them together and they did seem to be trying really hard to working out any issues, even going to couples therapy at one point earlier this year.

Still, I guess if it's not meant to be, then it's not meant to be! Besides, Vergara would hardly be the first Latina star to break off an engagement. Below, check out other Latino celebrity couples that never made it down the aisle:

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Zoe Saldana & Keith Britton 1

Zoe Saldana & Keith Britton

Image via Getty Images

Saldana and her former fiance Keith Britton ended their 11-year relationship in November of 2011. But she found love again! She got secretly married to boyfriend Marco Perego back in June, just a few weeks after going public together as a couple.


Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck 2

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck

Image via Getty Images

Ahh, who could ever forget the media storm known as Bennifer? The two started dating in 2001 and were supposed to wed in 2003, but ended up calling it off last minute. They briefly reconciled, but then split for good in 2004.


Kat Von D & Deadmau5 3

Kat Von D & Deadmau5

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Kat Von D and Deadmau5 famously got engaged over Twitter back in December, but shortly after, the tattoo artist took to social media again to announce that the relationship was over after the musician reportedly cheated on her.

Kat Von D & Jesse James 4

Kat Von D & Jesse James

Image via Getty Imagse

Jesse James must have some sort of bewitching spell because shortly after he split with ex-wife Sandra Bullock amidst cheating rumors, he became involved with Kat Von D (yup, she's called off a wedding more than once!). The two split in January 2011, six months after announcing their engagement.


Shakira & Antonio de la Rúa 5

Shakira & Antonio de la Rúa

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Shakira and her ex were together for over a decade before splitting in 2011, but De la Rúa had reportedly proposed to her while it was still pretty early in their relationship, back in 2001. We never actually saw a ring, but they did discuss wedding plans during their time together before eventually calling it quits altogether.


Joanna Garcia & Trace Ayala 6

Joanna Garcia & Trace Ayala

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Ayala and Garcia got engaged in 2008 Aater two years of dating, called it off just a few months later. Garcia is now married to former Yankee outfielder Nick Swisher and the two welcomed their first child in May.


Nicole Richie & DJ AM 7

Nicole Richie & DJ AM

Image via Getty Images

Nicole Richie and DJ AM dated for a year before getting engaged in 2005, but the two split in 2006 after Richie quit her hard-partying ways. She has since married and had two kids with husband, Joel Madden.