Why was Ricky Martin savagely beaten!? (VIDEO)

I'll be the firs to admit that I almost died when I saw this photo of a beat-up Ricky Martin on his Instagram account. OMG! Just look at him! That droopy red eye, his face which looks sad and angry at once. Thankfully he sort of explained what was going on ... and it's not really what you're thinking.


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No, ladies, thankfully no one beat up him up (no one better mess with that gorgeous face!) and he didn't have an accident. The Boricua icon was playing a tiny joke on all of us: Next to the scandalizing photo and with just a few hashtags, Ricky cleared up that his beat-up look as an amazing makeup job for a music video he's recording. Can you believe that!? I have to call him sinvergüenza right now, because he said he couldn't delve into any more details. What a nice way to set it up!

I don't know about you, but it worked for me! I'm already anxious to see the video and find out what song it's for. From his new album, Ricky has only shared "Come with Me" so far.

Ricky, as we all know, has a new children's book coming out in November, but the most interesting project he's working on now I think is looking for the anthem for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Had you heard about this? Ricky and Sony Music started a campaign searching for the best song across social media. I don't know how many people they have to wade through the probably millions of songs that I'm sure they'll receive, but it's a great opportunity for any composer.

Check out the message from Ricky himself about the song search and the video for his mega hit "La Copa de la Vida," in case you want some inspiration if you're thinking of entering the contest! And I have my own message for our Ricky: Don't scare us like that! We love you and worry a lot about you!

Images via Instagram/RickyMartin

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