WATCH Beyonce get yanked off stage by crazed Brazilian fan! (VIDEO)

Can we talk about how insanely overzealous fans of superstar Beyonce are? While performing her famous single "Irreplaceable" at the Estádio do Morumbi in São Paulo, Brazil on Sunday, an agressive audience member grabbed onto the singer and pulled her off the stage.

I'm guessing because this isn't the first time she's encountered a crazy fan, Beyonce handled the situation like a pro and immediately continued the song. In the fan's defense, I'm guessing when you're in the presence of the R&B diva it's a little hard to control yourself!


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If you still don't believe Beyonce was calm and collected throughout this entire ordeal, then let me break down what happened to you. She was literally in the middle of singing "Irreplaceable" and then bowed for just a second before a male fan yanked her and aggressively pulled her into the audience, like she belonged to him or something. It was nuts!

A security person quickly pulled the fan off her and brought her back onto the stage. Beyonce then went back to singing like nothing happened. She even went over to the fan at one point and shook his hand. "Nice to meet you. Thank you, I love you too," she said. What a trooper.

I was surprised myself at how well Beyonce handled the situation, especially considering this isn't the first time she has a loco fan trying to get close and personal with her during a performance. Who could forget that one fan that tried slapping her butt? She almost lost her cool with that one. But this time around she didn't seem bothered at all. Plus, what could you expect from an audience filled with Brazilians. Latinos are REALLY passionate when it comes to their music!

Check out the crazy clip below!

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