Kris Jenner's racy bikini photo makes me think she's trying to be just like Kim

It looks like Kris Jenner is taking a page out of her kids' notebook these days. Just hours after daughter Kendall Jenner posted a shot of herself posing in a bathing suit on Twitter, the 57-year-old also took to Instagram to also post a photo of her in a bikini.

Well, I guess we know where the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan gets it from!


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"Last day of summer gonna miss you," she wrote in the caption of the photo, which shows her wearing a blue bikini and sporting a chunky necklace and dark eye makeup while standing in the pool.

Oh Kris! Somehow, I am not at all surprised to see her sharing a picture like this. After all, this is a woman who obviously has absolutely no problem with attention. And hey, there's no arguing she looks good for her age. Still, I can't help but find the whole photo kind of weird. The thing is, I don't feel that way for the reason you might think.

Sure, she's a grown woman and maybe posting a picture herself in a revealing bathing suit for the whole world to see isn't the most appropriate thing. OK, OK, it's definitely not the most appropriate thing. But what I find strange about the photo actually has nothing to do with her age ... it's how much she seems to be trying to be just like her daughters, particularly Kim.

If this was a candid photo of her in her pool, maybe with her kids, I wouldn't have even blinked at this picture. Heck, I might have thought it was cute, despite my less than affectionate feelings towards the entire Kardashian family. But this photo is so staged from top to bottom, it's actually kind of ridiculous.

I mean, who wears that much makeup in a pool? And a huge chunky necklace? Please. The only other people who I know pull off this kind of thing are Jenner's own daughters. In fact, this is pretty much a textbook Kim pose.

 I don't know. Maybe it's just me, but I don't get why Jenner, as a grown woman, seems to be following in her kids' footsteps instead of the other way around. Who knows? Maybe now that Kim has receded from the spotlight somewhat post-birth, she feels the need to step her game up or something. Regardless, like I said, I guess her children have to get their oversharing tendencies from somewhere...and seeing this photo, I have a strong hunch it's from their mom's side!

Image via Kris Jenner/Instagram

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