Dancing with the Stars returns for its latest season tonight and it looks like the teams are doing all they can to get ready--including rounding up some of their fans! Many of the celebrity contestants, including Latinas Snooki and Christina Milian, have already taken to Twitter to talk pre-show jitters and remind their followers to vote for them after tonight's performance.

And hey, who can blame them? No one wants to be the first to go home!


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I can totally understand why they'd be nervous (err, hello, millions of people watching! And the women have to dance in heels!). Still, the only thing to do so is hope that these last few  weeks of intense practice will pay off. One thing's for sure--the competition is going to be intense because all the contestants have been working hard, as evidenced by the photos they've shared of their rehearsals recently.

Check them out below before tuning in to tonight's premiere!

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