My mom thinks there is a horny ghost in my house

My mother is staying with us. She is doing me a HUGE favor and watching my daughters while I go on a trip (she's a great abuela), so it seems a little not right to tell stories about her, but I just CANNOT keep this stuff to myself. I know everyone says their mother is a character, but my mother is a character amongst characters. Oh yeah, sometimes I can't believe the stuff that comes out of her mouth. She is hilarious when she wants to be, but she's even more hilarious when she is being totally serious. Lately, she has me in stitches because she keeps talking about the ghost that she says haunts just one of the rooms in my house. Wait till you hear what she has to say about him!


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My mother always senses ghosts EVERYWHERE! I mean there hasn't been one single home I've ever lived in where my mother doesn't tell me that there is a spirit there. Honestly, it irritates me and most of the time I just roll my eyes and that is that, but on this visit my mom cracked me up because the spirit she senses in our home this time is not a scarer, but a lover.

She announced to me and my husband that in the room she is sleeping in there is the spirit of a man and he really wants to make love. My husband and I started laughing hysterically. She assured us that even though we don't believe her, that doesn't mean it isn't true. She also told us she wasn't worried about it because he seems to be confined to just the room she is sleeping in so if he gets too pushy, she'll just go to our living room and sleep on the couch.

My mother has always been an attractive woman who gets lots of attention from the opposite sex, but this is the first time she's had an other-worldly suitor.

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