Kanye West & Kim Kardashian will FINALLY show off baby North but for all the wrong reasons...

"It looks like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are ready to show off their baby girl, North, to the world. After months of keeping her cooped up at grandma Kris Jenner's place, the two plan on finally bringing her out. But you're not going to believe when they plan on doing this! Or maybe you will, since by now we all know what a well-oiled PR machine this couple is...


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Apparently they plan on "debuting" their daughter once Kanye's Yeezus tour begins, on Oct. 19. Can you believe that? I swear, everything is a PR move with these people. The two claim they've been keeping North at her grandma's mansion in efforts to avoid paparazzi stalking. And they supposedly really want North to have somewhat of a "normal life." They want to be able to start traveling or even just walking around with her in public, without having to cover her with a blanket.  Yea ... I'm not buying that for a second!

I think a "normal life" is the farthest thing this poor kid is going to have. And I also feel like they are bringing her out for all the wrong reasons. Let's be real here, Kim gets stalked by paparazzi on a daily basis and she loves it! And ever since Kanye started dating her he's been constantly under the spotlight as well. So the chances of this poor baby not being photographed on the regular is slim to none. And I kind of feel like that's exactly what they want.

The truth is Kim and Kanye have been using their baby for PR reasons from the beginning. They made sure the first picture of North was released specifically on Kris Jenner's talk show. And they even tried getting their daughter on the cover of Vogue. I put nothing past them.

They can go around telling the world that they want little North to have a "normal" life, but at the end of the day we know exactly what they're up to. I'd like to think they'd actually consider taking a step back from the spotlight to make things more comfortable for their daughter. But considering Kim makes a living out of having her entire life publicized, I wouldn't bet on it!

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