Penelope Cruz looks amazing in her perfectly normal post-baby body

Penélope Cruz only just gave birth to her second child about five minutes ago (OK, it was actually in late July) but she is already showing off her post-baby body ... and for good reason! As evidenced by recent photos taken of her in a bikini while on a family vacation, Cruz is looking pretty darn fantastic these days.

I don't know how she does it! Seriously, not many people I know would be out and about in a skimpy bathing suit just weeks after giving birth, but leave it to her to pull it off!


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The 38-year-old was spotted taking in some sunshine with her husband, Javier Bardem, and their two children. And though it feels as if it's been a blink of an eye since she welcomed her daughter Luna, you would barely be able to tell from the looks of Cruz's curves. Sure, she still has a hint of a belly (if she didn't, I would be convinced she is actually a robot), but she already looks sooo muscular and toned!

Personally, I think Cruz always looks great. In fact, I seriously don't think I've ever seen look less than downright stunning. But considering how difficult it can be to lose baby weight, it is pretty impressive how quickly she seems to be getting back in shape. And even more importantly, she seems confident and extremely happy, just hanging out with her family on the beach. She's not trying to conceal her body or hiding out until she feels she's at the "perfect" size like certain other celebrities. I love that!

Image via The Daily Mail

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