Is Sammy Sosa a vampire? Nope, he just wants to be White

Just when I thought Sammy Sosa couldn't look any creepier, he shows up on Panamanian TV looking like a vampire.

The retired (and disgraced) baseball player made an appearance on the morning show to talk about how he's going into the real estate business. Random, I know! But the only thing that drew my attention was his crazy pale face and his newly-straightened hair. What happened to the iconic Domincan baseball player we used to know & love? 


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I haven't looked at Sammy the same ever since he started bleaching his brown skin back in 2009. What lead him to do this is beyond me, but the man soon began to look like a Michael Jackson wannabe, and now he straight up looks like a vampire. I'm not the only one who noticed either. So many people were posting about his bizarre look on Twitter that #SammySosaVampire became a trending term! 

All jokes aside, the former Chicago Cubs' star drastic transformation is no laughing matter. I'm actually starting to worry about him. At first it just seemed weird, but now I think he's lost his mind all together. Think about it: the man used to score home runs for a living, now he he hates himself so much that he's bleaching his skin to unrecognizable levels. It's freaking depressing!

If you still don't see what the big deal is, let me remind you how Sammy used to look before he went off the deep end.

Big difference right? It's sad because you'd never think someone as talented as him would have so many insecurities about the way he looks. He obviously had a complex about his dark skin and coarse curly hair (hence the relaxer). But what are young Latino boys who look up to him supposed to think when they see this former MLB player's transformation? That looking whiter is better? I'm hope he gets a wakeup call soon...

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