It looks like Mariah Carey's son, Moroccan, is taking after his superstar mom! The singer recently took to Twitter to share a super sweet photo of her little guy, in which he holds a guitar and asks an important question.

"Roc: 'Mommy, what does it take to be Roc Starr?' " Carey quoted her son as saying, alongside the adorable snapshot. Aww!! How cute is that?!

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A few minutes later, Carey then tweeted another photo split of Moroccan smiling and holding the instrument, along with her great response to his query: "Mommy: 'Rocky, just treat it as reality!' " Sounds like good advice to me ... hey, it worked for Carey, didn't it?!

And he isn't the only Hollywood child to look up to his famous parent. Below, check out the heartwarming photo of Moroccan, along with other Latino celebrity children who follow in their mom's footsteps:

Moroccan and Mariah 1

Moroccan and Mariah

Image via Twitter

Moroccan is clearly meant to be on stage, just like his mom, Mariah!


Milan and Shakira 2

Milan and Shakira

Image via Twitter

Only a few months old and already in the studio ... looks like he's going to be just like his internationally renowned popstar of a mom, Shakira!


Haven and Jessica Alba 3

Haven and Jessica Alba

Image via Instagram

I spy another fashionista in the making! Haven is only 2 years old and she's already hanging out with the likes of designed Diane Von Furstenberg!

Violet and Christina Milian 4

Violet and Christina Milian

Image via Twitter

Milian says her little girl, Violet, has been training for Dancing with the Stars right alongside her!


Max & Christina Aguilera 5

Max & Christina Aguilera

Image via YouTube

Xtina's son, Max, has moves--and like his mom, he's not afraid to show them off! He even appeared in her latest video for single, "Let there Be Love."